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SAINT neuromodulation therapy is available at the following locations. We continue to seek and add new providers to expand access.


Acacia Clinics

877 W. Fremont Ave
Suite N-3
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

+1 650-993-9996
Kaizen Brain Center

4180 La Jolla Village Dr
Suite 240
La Jolla, CA 92037

+1 866-277-2659
University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS) - Psychiatric Research Institute

4224 Shuffield Drive
Little Rock, AR 72205

+1 501-686-6678
MUSC Health - Institute of Psychiatry

67 President Street
Floor 5
Charleston, SC 29425

+1 843-792-5716

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover SAINT therapy?

There are some coverage options available depending on site of care and other details. Your provider will be able to help you evaluate potential coverage based on your specific situation.

When will more locations have SAINT?

SAINT therapy commercially launched in spring 2024. We are working closely with providers across the country to increase access.

A provider in my area is offering SAINT but I don’t see them listed.

There are many variations of transcranial magnetic stimulation protocols and some providers are offering accelerated treatment pathways. The only sites offering FDA-cleared SAINT therapy are those listed here.

Is SAINT different from TMS?

The SAINT neuromodulation system delivers magnetic stimulation similar to conventional transcranial magnetic stimulation. However, SAINT therapy uses breakthrough algorithms with structural and functional MRI for precise, personalized targeting to the specific area in the individual’s brain to deliver stimulation. The treatment consists of 10 sessions per day for five days. Each session includes 10 minutes of stimulation, with a 50-minute rest period.

What are the side effects of SAINT?

Similar to rTMS, accelerated neurostimulation sessions are brief, and the most common side effects are scalp irritation and fatigue.