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Cindy Elkins with her daughter Chase
Cindy Elkins: How SAINT Gave One Parent Back Her Daughter

The power of ‘Team Chase’

The more I learned about depression, the more my partner and I had to realize that who we were speaking to was the depression, and every now and then, we would see Chase again.

November 2023
Chase Elkins posing on a staircase
Chase Elkins: A New Lease on Life Thanks to SAINT™

“I’m living an extraordinary life for someone diagnosed with deep depression.”

I had barely been able to hang out with my twin sister before SAINT. Afterward, I had the motivation and desire to spend time with my friends.

November 2023
Deirdre Lehman gardening with a hat on
A Life-Saving Treatment for the Severely Depressed

Deirdre Lehman's Story

Within a day of being treated with SAINT, Deirdre says her brain felt the calmest it had been since she was 16. “I remember looking at my husband Clark and asking, ‘Is this how your brain works?’” she says. “I remember him responding, ‘Yes.’”

September 2023
Magnus Medical brain image rendering highlighting SAINT
Tackling Depression: A New Treatment Offers Hope for Those Hardest to Treat

Contributed by Brandon Bentzley, M.D., Ph.D.
Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Magnus Medical

The growing need for mental health services is “the next pandemic” according to the American Hospital Association. The COVID-19 pandemic had a pervasive impact on individuals’ mental health worldwide and brought mental health into acute focus.

August 2023