Magnus Medical Launches
with $25M in Series A Financing

We are developing breakthrough technology for rapid, individualized, non-invasive treatment of major depression. A randomized controlled trial just published in the American Journal of Psychiatry showed relief of severe depression in 79% of people receiving active treatment. Read the Press Release

FDA awards Breakthrough
Device Designation

The FDA has awarded Breakthrough Device Designation to Magnus Medical’s non-invasive technology to rapidly treat major depressive disorder (MDD) in adults who have not responded to existing treatments.

Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy - “A Moonshot For Inner Space”

Patrick J. Kennedy writes about a watershed moment brought about by neuroscientists to gain ground against diseases of the brain. Read the article.

Every Brain is Different

Breakthrough algorithms can identify optimal, personalized targets to affect brain circuitry based on structural and functional neuroimaging.


Precise patterns of stimulation, leveraging recent advances in neuroscience, can restore these circuits and yield profound effects.

Neuromodulation and
Mental Health

Magnus Medical is creating the next generation of neuromodulation technology to improve the quality of life for people suffering from mental illness… rapidly, effectively, and durably.

Work With Us

Our team is growing. We are looking for individuals who are personally and boldly committed to improving treatment for mental health. Please view our open positions HERE.