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SAINT was designed - not discovered

SAINT neuromodulation therapy was developed at the Stanford Brain Stimulation Lab (BSL) and licensed exclusively to Magnus Medical for further development and commercialization. Magnus was co-founded by psychiatrists and neuroscientists, including Dr. Brandon Bentzley, the lead developer of SAINT therapy at the Stanford BSL.

The company was founded to provide rapid and lasting treatment for mental health, combining advanced imaging with individualized and precise targeting, enabling the first personalized neuromodulation treatment that dramatically improves and sustains mental well-being.

Historically, treatments for mental illness are often discovered by accident. Antidepressants were discovered by observing mood-altering effects of drugs being tested to treat tuberculosis and antipsychotics were discovered through testing of anesthesia.

SAINT therapy was designed - not discovered.

Dr. Bentzley and the researchers at the Stanford BSL believed in bringing a highly targeted approach to delivering therapy, rooting the technology in image-guided analysis. Using the concept of spaced learning, the researchers combined the targeted therapy with a highly accelerated treatment protocol using a neuroscience-based approach to stimulate neural networks to rebuild healthy connectivity.

Our Purpose

Restoring Brain Health

Our Vision

Pioneering worldwide solutions for brain health

Our Mission

Delivering therapy that targets and restores neural networks, allowing individuals to feel more like themselves